Recreating futures with Fundación MAPFRE
28 February, 2024

Fundación MAPFRE has once again joined Novo Futuro this time through the #Recri@rFuturos (Recreating Futures) project, which focuses on three essential areas of the lives of children and young people: health; education/training; and nutrition.

In the area of ​​health, it allows specialized, in-depth and regular therapeutic evaluation and monitoring necessary for emotional stabilization and rehabilitation.

In the area of ​​education/training, it allows greater motivation, self-esteem and greater social and school integration/inclusion.

In the area of ​​nutrition, it allows us to provide and raise awareness about healthy eating, which is so important for balanced growth.

The #Recri@rFuturos project, by focusing on fundamental rights, allows the children and young people of Novo Futuro a harmonious development and a future with real conditions for success! Thank you for investing in those who need it most and who have the greatest weaknesses and for truly making a difference in so many lives!


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