What We Do

Our residential context is based on five basic vectors:

Safe Environment

We believe that context is an essential tool to enhance the well-being and socio-emotional development of children and young people. Novo Futuro homes ensure a planned, predictable and organized environment through a structured routine. The objective is to promote a feeling of security in children and young people, where the alignment and cohesion of action of the team of caregivers plays a prominent role.

Collaborative Operation

For Novo Futuro, one of the ways to enhance the socialization process of children and young people is by promoting their participation in daily tasks and in decisions that affect the House. In Novo Futuro’s foster homes, the group of children and young people share tasks and responsibilities, respecting each person’s stage of development.

Emotional Development

Many of the children and young people welcomed at Novo Futuro have difficulty regulating their emotional states, which are sometimes intense. In the operation of Novo Futuro foster homes, two ways of promoting emotional development are planned: healthy and structuring relational experiences with caregivers and moments of emotional expression, where it is possible to construct meanings for emotions and feelings.

Social and Training Development

All children and young people at Novo Futuro benefit from support in terms of their educational and professional training and integration into sporting, recreational, recreational, cultural and social activities, which increases their ability to exercise positive citizenship.

Development of Autonomy

At Novo Futuro, all children and young people have opportunities for assessment and skills training, which allow them to follow a gradual path towards gaining autonomy, giving them the instruments and tools necessary for positively resolving the challenges arising from life in society.


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